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Whether you are a single location business or a multi-location enterprise. With services ATA is able to provide services nationwide at competitive prices.

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Multi-Protocol Label Switching

MPLS is the Cadillac of enterprise WAN services, having earned its stripes as the link option of choice because of its reliability, flexibility and controls. But upstarts are saying that, with a little ingenuity, they can use Internet pipes to achieve the same ends at a better price.
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Domestic Private Leased Circuit

DPLC (Domestic Private Leased Circuit) services provide the right alternative by delivering point to point data transmission without utilizing the public networks in a secure and reliable manner.
  • Fast, reliable and efficient connectivity
  • Flexible and speedy bandwidth upgrade
  • Secure network for critical applications
  • Self-managed IP environment
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International Private Leased Circuit

An IPLC (international private leased circuit) is a point-to-point private line allows an organization to place a single order with a single carrier for two private leased circuits for two offices in two different countries.An IPLC can be used for Internet access, business data exchange, video conferencing, report all problems from either circuit to one carrier and any other form of telecommunication.
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Compose your individual colocation solution

Choose your desired housing space, your bandwidth and power solution. This way you receive an offer which is optimized for your requirements.
  • Server housing meets the highest technical and security standards
  • Tower servers and 19" rack servers possible
  • Superb, redundant Internet connectivity